The First Year

I started this project on January 19 one year ago. This short video, less than a minute, represents every day of that year excepting 2 or 3 on which I forgot to take a photo.

I am going to do this until I die. I have no real understanding of its value, if any, and I sometimes worry that it might comes across as self-obsessive. I choose instead to look at it as a reflective device, echoing the people, places, crises, enjoyments great or small, and other experiences I will accumulate throughout my life.

I find nearly unlimited joy in others. Meeting and interacting with as many people as possible is something that I am increasingly inclined to believe is fundamentally necessary to a rewarding, happy life.

In reflecting on myself and trying to peer into my own person through the eyes of others I am in part working to better understand the way I am perceived – thus facilitating more rewarding and long lasting friendships. Or so the theory goes.


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