Pro-Snowboarding Mountain Slayer not-really-a-celebrity date attempt: Alexis Waite

So I tried to ask out Alexis Waite. A bit more difficult than a movie star but I did send a few emails, one being to Roxy her primary sponsor. Will this pan out? I can almost categorically say no, but still almost. So what I’m sayin is is that I actually have a chance!
And the message:

Dear Alexis,

I am writing to inquire if you would like to hang out sometime. We
could get bagels, grab a beer, hang glide, go scuba diving, wing suite
jumping, antique shopping, lots of possibilities. Now, I know this may
seem ridiculous, you are after all a professional snowboarder and I am
an entry level data support employee at a home health care provider in
North Carolina. What would we talk about? What, if any, shared
interests could there possibly be? The confluence of graphic design,
indie and popular culture, and athletics in the snowboarding community
(competitive and non-competitive)? The nature of progression, yes in
snowboarding, but also how its evolution is increasingly sustained by
broader social and technological trends like advances in film-making,
the ever widening embrace of social and environmental activism by
major industry personalities, the cosmopolitan and democratic
tendencies nurtured by travel and experience? The profound beauty of
an alpine landscape bathed in the luminous glow of a retreating sun?
The sheer humbling awesomeness of planetary exploration? I mean, IF
you’re into any of that stuff I guess.

Anyway, I should explain a little about myself. 26. Average. Worked in
snow for a bit over 14 months at a retailer in NC before heading to
grad school (the Roxy Ollie Pop is a dope board I must say).
Outdoorsy. Bearded. Fan of optimism and recklessness. Annnnyway, if
you’ve made it this far awesome, if you would like to hang out
sometime let me know. Keep rockin’, cheers to an epic season.


Devin Howard



  1. likethehours

    My biggest problem Josie, is that I have no idea how to go about making that happen. That might sound like a ridiculous problem but its the truth, and I think it is in part related to the fact that I am extremely modest and don’t like to sell myself on abstract talents like writing ability, that may also be synonymous with ‘has self-confidence issues’ (which I don’t really, I would describe it more as hesitancy to self-profess, some kind of weird asceticism that I think I picked up from my father who is perhaps the most modest person I’ve ever met).

    But anyway, theres an attempt to explain why, however imperfect. And I agree with you, I think it would have a positive effect on my soul.

  2. Josie

    Well, Devin sir, the good news is that you don’t have to self-profess. There are plenty of willing people out there to do it for you — agents. But I see your point. I never feel confident enough about my own writing to think it would ever be anything close to print-worthy. And you don’t really have to have an agent to get published either.

    But I think you have a true talent. So I am going to brainstorm for you.

    In the meantime, you should consider going to this next week — I am almost positive that two of my former writing professors (who are published) will be there, in addition to Daphne who is AMAZING. Plus, I am planning on going! Join me!

  3. likethehours

    Haha, well fair Josie, I accept. I’m going to try and leave my workplace at 4:15 next thursday the 27th and shall meet you on the steps of wilson library which face the quad at about 5:30. If that is ok. I will also eagerly await any ideas you have for me.

    You’re awesome.

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