City Destroying Space Monster Victim Date Request: Lizzy Caplan

I asked out Lizzy Caplan, or as you may know her, Marlena from Cloverfield. This is the email I sent to TMZ, I also posted on her fb wall and one of the many fan pages that exist. Overkill? Maybe, but anybody that reads it might get a kick. Message to TMZ below:

Whats up everyone, its been a while but I have another request. I was wondering if you could get a hold of Lizzy Caplan for me and forward this message to her. Again let me say: I realize how unlikely it is, but it never hurts to ask. Keep fighting the good fight. Message below:

Lizzy, what. Is. Happening. Hope everything is good, I am writing with a simple request, a question that you could answer in yes-or-no fashion if you want: would you want to hang out and grab dinner one evening? Sure, I’m just a random, faceless internet denizen asking you just-as-randomly out on a date, but I’m a pretty cool guy, and by cool I don’t imply some kind of captain-of-the-football team or accounts receivable team leader cool, I’m just saying that I am fun, conversational, and genuinely interested in what other people say and feel. So, here is my proposal: you, me, an early evening/midday activity like taking a trip to a big cat rescue center where our admission cost helps fund a worthy cause while providing us with a novel and enjoyable experience, followed up by thai food somewhere. That’s it, if you have a second get back to me. BTW (by the way), I’m really sorry those lice things bit your character Marlena in Cloverfield and infected you with interstellar bacteria that make you appear to explode (the viewers were kind of had to imagine what happened, the screen behind which the soldiers took you obscured the event). That was a rough way to go, and your character seemed the most dynamic too. Standoffish and bored at first but the crisis really brought out your underlying empathy for those around you.. Keep rockin’, stay awesome, good luck with your future endeavors.




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