Cosmic Gratitude

Some good things I can reflect on: financial crises averted; light at the end of the paper tunnel is getting brighter; i get to wear a hoodie again tonight; midterm elections are coming up so i can realize my civic potential through my right to vote (thanks be to all those who have died or struggled to uphold and protect that fundamental right); I’ve seen a lot of monarch butterflies migrating south this week which is great because i wasn’t sure they still existed; get to bartend, aka: hang out with friends tonight, the changing weather is putting me in a weird, but not bad, mood of highschool football games and highschool varsity soccer practice; I have an amazing collection of friends and family, without which I don’t know how I would get by; my car is going to be fixed!!! (Thank you Frazier, very much, in advance); being kind of disappointed in yourself doesn’t actually kill or maim you forever but makes you focus on what it is you want to change, improve, adjust, ad nauseam (if self-loathing is undertaken with the appropriate amount of moderation of course); global warming hasn’t destroyed the last of the glaciers yet, so I will get to see some one day; when global warming does finally sweep away the last vestiges of our ancient ice earth movers maybe I’ll be financially stable enough at that time to buy some beachfront property in antarctica and hang out with the black smoke monster from LOST and random animals that wash up; the nation doesn’t face an immediate of freshwater resource collapse – we’ve made it to another autumn so groundwater aquifers and lakes and streams will have a chance to recharge; i have two legs, two ears, eyes, hands, feet, kidneys; i have two old dogs, katie and ginger, to remind me about the importance of home and tradition; i have two young dogs, Buddy and Amos (Amos isn’t even ours) to pester me enough to get up and out and enjoy something beyond the computer and walls and windows of the house (theyre doing a better job of keeping me active than myself); I’m in reasonably good health, minus the 9 million liters of diet pepsi I’ve drank over the past two years, and of course all the frosty drinks ive consumed; I can see, hear, touch, taste; I have a lot to look forward to; and it was a gorgeous day.


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