Singer/Songwriter Celebrity Date Attempt: Norah Jones

Another attempt, the second actually. The sophisticated, captivating, unimaginably successful and talented Norah Jones.

Hey Norah, I’m 25, astoundingly average (I have a couple degrees in the humanities, I like art and music, and, shocker: I watch the Daily Show, like the Indiana Jones movies, and have ‘travel’ and ‘reading’ as some of my interests). I was just wondering if you would want to grab dinner and maybe go for a paddle boat ride or something. Maybe get some Mexican takeout and play scrabble or uno? I’m not sure if you have a boyfriend or not, If you do I guess this is out of the question, but I’m throwing it out there anyway. I saw your performance on Colbert, superb, and it led me to buy four of your tracks off i-tunes, which is kind of beside the point, and I don’t want to sound effusive or obsequious, so what I’m saying is that you seem pretty awesome and if you ever want to hang out I’d be down. Keep rockin’.



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