Barbadian Celebrity Date Attempt: Rhianna

This was my first celebrity date request. I conceived of the idea while traveling in Taiwan where I watched for the first time Rhianna’s video for “Rude Boy”. Needless to say, Rhianna is an extraordinarily attractive person. She is also very famous, wealthy, and sought after – none of which can be said of me; but I figured why not ask her out, even if she is dating a professional athlete the worst, and most likely, outcome would be, simply, nothing. My post on her facebook page would, and did, get completely ignored. My quest for a celebrity date continues though.

The text of my first attempt:

Hey Rihanna, I’d introduce myself but my name will show up on the comment. I’m 25, fairly average, a Star Wars dork. I have two degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill and will have an MA in history from UNCG this August. I don’t love you, I’m not your biggest fan, and I don’t even really like pop/dance/club rock music that much …although you and Ga are pretty awesome by virtue of legitimate talent and sheer charisma. I’m writing to see if you would want to grab some food and maybe catch a movie sometime. You seem like a pretty rad person (at least publicly of course) so I had to ask. I’m in southeast Asia right now and won’t be back until late July, but if you want to just let me know and we can do something. Keep rockin’.


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