Candid Camera Celebrity Date Attempt: Kim Kardashian

Below is the text of my comment on Kim Kardashian’s facebook fan page proposing a contest between her bodyguard and I for a dinner date with her. Will it work? Probably not, but it can’t hurt to try.

Kim, whats happening. My name is Devin Howard and I was wondering if you would like to go on a date sometime. I think you are currently dating your bodyguard, or at least thats the gossip afoot. In that case I propose this: a decathlon contest between Shengo and I. Event 1 armwrestling, 2 spelling contest, 3 Trivial Pursuit, 4 Obstacle course, 5 shirtless wood splitting, 6 shirtless keg toss, 7 SATs, 8 timed triathlon, 9 Dirtbike race, 10 essay contest. If I win you go to dinner with me. If I lose I get ridiculed by a depressingly large percentage of the American population. Also, I haven’t had electrolysis, I’m not that tall for guy, and I’m certainly not very wealthy or famous. Other than that though I’m pretty much a badass and could be a fun dinner date. I’ve traveled, skydived, hiked and climbed stuff, I’m kind of smart – I got it all, or at least some of a lot of stuff. Anyway, just let me know. Alright thats it, hit me up sometime. Stay awesome.



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