Lets go for a rant

Glenn Beck is a half neonazi half klansmen scumbag asshole. He adds nothing to any aspect of political, cultural, social, or economic debate and is in fact a destructive influence on our society. The fact that he isn’t treated as such makes me depressed and scared for the future of our nation and in general the human race. Now, that statement implicitly identifies two things, first the insane, damaging, wildly fraudulent mush that comes out of Becks mouth, and secondly a systemic problem, with American mainstream media basically, that allows the kind of garbage coming from fox news AND cnn to flourish, even encourages it. Now, comparing Oberman to Beck, or Fox to CNN, or Fox to NPR (at the extreme end of the ludicrous news outlet associations I’ve heard) is fairly disingenuous considering 1) how far right the entire spectrum of cable news outlets in the US actually is, 2) How radically irresponsible the reporting on Fox is (i could go on for hours here but a nice little documentary by the title of ‘Outfoxed’ sums up some of the more egregious breaches of journalistic ethics committed by the network), and 3) how much money Rupert Murdoch gives to the Republican Party, gets from Saudi Arabia, and spends on lawyers to dodge the various and sundry violations committed by Newscorp and its subsidiaries. I do not disagree that Beck has a right to speak and be heard, I just disagree with basically every single thing that comes out of his mouth because its grounded on little more than sensationalism, ethnocentrism, intolerance, and, at its most fundamental level, money grubbing. He is a self-proclaimed rodeo clown using hysterics to frighten people and, drum roll……..sell lots of books, gold, and advertising, although his lunacy has scared away over 100 advertisers thus far so that isn’t going too well. It makes me sad that people listen to him at all. It makes me sad that people watch CNN. It makes me sad that people give a damn about Lindsay Lohan or Michael Jackson when 18 year old kids are dying in Iraqi and Afghani deserts halfway around the world. It infuriates me that we are having a discussion about a community center in New York when the entire country is hovering around 10% unemployment. And I can scarcely believe that there is still a debate going on about same sex marriage but zero discussion on: freshwater resource collapse, a dying middle class, privatization of the state, a broken criminal justice system, a corrupt political system, a looming financial catastrophe, a dangerously inefficient, wasteful agricultural system (relax, I’m talking about massive agro-industrial conglomerates here that basically just steal taxpayer money), and on and on and on. Yet, its those bullshit wedge issues that get harped on by the media, which in turn translates to an ill informed citizenry, which translates into enforcement of the status quo.


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