-I think hipster girls with tattoos are hot, which is a bit hypocritical considering how often I make fun of hipster culture.

-I need a job bad, or some kind of regularized obligation.

-Tenuousness by Andrew Bird is a haunting song.

-“Crossing to Safety” and “Angle of Repose” by Wallace Stegner are two of the most breathtakingly amazing books I’ve ever come across.

-I enjoy being an eccentric, but not always.

-I am sometimes terrified that I will never accomplish anything that meaningfully improves the lives of other people.

-Marcy Kaptur is a total badass

-I like the way basements smell

-Slideshows at weddings and funerals and anywhere really = me crying

-I want to travel to every country on the planet

-I would love to travel to other planets

-Do things that aren’t productive


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