Musically Talented Celebrity Date Attempt: Sara Bareilles

I really do have a crush on Sarah Bareilles, but only because shes awesome. Celebrity date attempt like number….actually i don’t even know. Oh, and for any naysayers who don’t think ms. (mrs.?) bareilles is celebrity material, I think shes gorgeous and insanely talented, what what.

Hey, sarah, just wanted to let you know that I have a huge crush on you. Your melodious, insightful, full-of-chagrin-but-beaming-with-wisdom style is very captivating, made more so by the fact that you appear to have an artist’s appreciation for the vicissitudes of human existence. Of course I could be miles off track, seeing as how we’ve never met, but whether or not you actually possess the qualities I’ve described above, you certainly are capable of maintaining a countenance that you do. Anyway, ummmm, yeah, so what day would be good for you to go grab dinner, maybe catch some improv comedy? You know what would be really fun is sneaking out onto a roof somewhere and just chitchatting the night away about high school, exes, crazy stories of various sorts while we drink some merlot or stupidly cheap american lager. I bet I can at least stay on par with you for crazy life events, even though you’re a well traveled, cosmopolitan musician. Despite my humble biography I have quite a resume of wildness and adventure, it would be interesting. Oh, I posted this here because I guess you don’t give people individual sovereignty to mar your wall at will anymore, understandable. Anyway, yeah, hit me up sometime if you wanna hang out, I have a pretty flexible schedule, it’ll be good times for sure!

Cheers and stay awesome,


PS If you actually read this and end up questioning my sanity just check me out on here, I’m normal.


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