Prime Time Celebrity Date Attempt: Hayden Panettiere

So I couldn’t find an email or an official facebook page, so for this attempt I emailed TMZ and asked them to pass along my message hoping that it was funny enough or distinctive enough to get somebody’s notice, we’ll see. Below is the message I asked TMZ to forward.

Hayden! How are you? I just wanted to drop a quick hello and see if you would want to go on a date sometime. Or maybe just hang out, don’t need to throw labels around right off the bat. Its like Vince Vaughn said in Wedding Crashers, that part at the beginning when he’s talking to the secretary. Anyway, yeah, we could just chill, maybe ride a ferris wheel at a traveling fair, or we could go fishing, that would be a lot of fun I bet. I mean, I’m up for pretty much anything, a zoo, a movie, boxing match, golfing, trail running, we could find a cheap trampoline on craigslist and jump around like 10 year olds, volunteer at the local animal shelter, that kind of stuff. A moster truck rally perchance? I guess you’re probably wondering who I am: my name is Devin Howard, I’m 6’ 6”, dark complexion, brown eyes and hair, and I compete in Xterra Iron Man events as a hobby – psyyyyche, all of that is a lie. I’m really pretty average, although I am insanely good at those word jumbles in the newspaper (like that online game text-twist). If you want to know more about me just look me up on facebook. I guess that’s it, hit me up if you wanna do something. Keep rockin’, and good luck with all your various projects.



Heroine Hayden Panettiere


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