Pseudo-Celebrity Date Attempt: Veronica De La Cruz

Transcript of the email I just sent Veronica De La Cruz, newsperson from CNN:

Hey Veronica, I just wanted to throw this out there: would you want to hang out some weekend? I’m thinking me, you, a box of Franzia Blush, and perhaps a game of scattergories. I think it would be pretty awesome. I don’t really spend a lot of time on myspace (I just use it to hunt music) so my profile is pretty sparse, but look me up on facebook if you need more info. My story is a fairly typical one, I have a couple BAs and am on the brink of getting my MA in US History if I can just overcome the most debilitating case of writer’s block I’ve ever experienced. I like movies, and sports, and foods that start with Q, and all kinds of other boiler plate stuff. I think the US is setting itself up for disaster though its collective failure to emphasize science and critical thinking in primary and secondary educational systems, I support animal rights, I don’t play hackie sack or the guitar, although I’m a pretty rowdy center or right midfielder. But anyway, yeah, lets hang one night, we don’t really have to drink Franzia and play board games, I’m a sucker for non-franchise cafes and bistros so we could grab a bite somewhere. As I’ve graduated and have no job I’m essentially always free, hit me up, and good luck with everything.

Cheers, keep rockin’

Oh, btw, if by some unprecedented, miraculous way this is actually you, and this message is actually read, and you actually want to grab some food one night just check out my FB profile, it should prove that I’m who I say I am, and that I’m a relatively normal person (i use relatively because, I mean, normality itself is a range or spectrum, but whatev)

Ms. (Mrs.?) Cruz, Newsperson


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