I love anything that involves a rooftop.

I would not turn this down as the place where I got to sleep every night. Usually, if it has “roof” in it, I’m down for whatever activity or thing is being talked about. Restaurants, bedrooms like this, apartments, gardens, drinking, looking, I just love being up high and being able to see out across a city or forest or landscape. I’ve always been like this, there is a sense of wonder attached to being up high and looking around that I’ve never been able to shake, its vague, and I would have a hard time really describing it, but its there. It has led me to skydiving, rock climbing (not as much as I would like), climbing trees, seeking out the roofs of nearly every building I’ve ever been in, jumping from very very high places into water (railroad trestles, rock quarries), and other questionably safe behavior like roof hopping.


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