go ahead, blame people. Blame people for being slow in the left lane. Blame them for keeping the bus stopped a minute too long. Blame them for not knowing which buttons to push or which knobs to turn at a Starbucks. Blame them for their lack of knowledge, blame them for their lack of understanding, blame them for being more fortunate than you were. Keep on doing it, find a scapegoat, every. single. time. Blame blame blame, because what blaming does is take every bit of responsibility off of yourself. It’s never been your fault, of course not, you couldn’t have tried harder, or stayed awake a minute longer, or dragged yourself any further. It’s such an easy thing to do; blaming people. We love to do it as a country, as a society, as a culture, for me two republican presidents are to blame for the national debt, for almost an entire other half of the country its Obama. I won’t even waste words on defending Obama, because you know what? It won’t make one penny disappear from the national debt. Keep playing this game everybody, lets blame ourselves into oblivion instead of finding solutions, instead of working together, lets use blame to stall things, necessary things. Lets use blame to justify not nationalizing industries when they have the economies of scale to actually help things like transitional energy technologies (if applied as an incentive and not a punitive measure). Lets continue to blame others for our crime situation, illegals, they behead everybody right? And kidnap everybody right? (I stole those two questions from Gawker Media, a parent blog website). Keep on blaming them for our coke (read:cocaine) habit and see how much it does to reduce usage. Blame each other for everything, it’s so much easier than actually finding a solution, because if you can play the game better than the other side, you win: i.e. you get seats, you get a majority, you get a presidency, you get to implement (or propose, but whatever) policy. Lets also pretend that global warming isnt real, that our freshwater resources arent running out (tell that to Vegas and then tell me what they say to you), that our skies and oceans and forests and very planet arent being destroyed. In fact, lets just keep blaming each other until there is no other, until we are a defunct species, little plots of us left on each continent, slowly surviving the effects of nuclear, biological, or climatological holocaust. See how much your recriminations are worth in gold or wool or water or whatever we measure money in then.

Your Are Never to Blame


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