Autobot Befriending Decepticon Evading Jonah Hexing Celebrity Date Attempt: Megan Fox

The Transformers heroine herself.

My celebrity date attempts continue with none other than Megan Fox. What will she say? You can’t post on her wall, so I went into “Discussions” and started a new one titled “Why not Transformers 3?” but this is the discussion topic:

Ok, so I started this out with an disguised title. The title should really be, “Hey Megan, wanna go on a date sometime?” But if I did that, then people would think I was some kind of bot advertising medicine from Canada. But how about it? After transformers maybe going to a race track and renting a few laps in a practice run wouldn’t be the most appealing idea. Or maybe it would? You pick the restaurant and I’ll choose what we do, that sounds like a fair compromise. It’ll be either some live music (good shows can be found anywhere), rollercoasters (theme parks are getting pretty ubiquitous too), or, in an even better compromise, we could go to a cooking seminar at a nice restaurant and end up combining both dinner and a delightful time. Sure, all of this is hypothetical and doomed almost from the get-go, but I thought I could at least toss out the suggestion. I go to the gym, like a couple times a month, so I don’t think it would be that weird for the public or your astonishingly high number of FB fans for you, a superstar megablockbuster sought after Hollywood actor to chill for an evening. Anyway, if this ever makes it to you from the administrators of the page hit me up if you wanna hang out. I’m living at my parents now and lost my cellphone, so you’d have to call the house. Just let me know, no rush. Good luck with everything, I thought Jonah Hex was awesome by the way.




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